News 11 January 2024


In January the dissemination partners of the InterSTORE, FLEXCHESS, and PARMENIDES projects held a productive and focused on collaboration opportunities meeting. The meeting highlighted the importance of including technical partners in collaboration activities for the success of the projects. The decision to identify external events for exhibition is a proactive approach to increasing visibility and engagement.

Identification of External Events:

Task a team to research and identify relevant external events, conferences, or exhibitions where the cluster partners can showcase their projects.

Consider events related to the specific industries or themes of InterSTORE, FLEXCHESS, and PARMENIDES.

Collaboration with Technical Partners:

Ensure that technical partners are actively involved in collaboration activities. This can include joint presentations, workshops, or technical demonstrations at events.

Foster communication channels between technical and dissemination partners to facilitate effective collaboration.

Common Dissemination Video:

Initiate the creation of a common dissemination video that highlights the key aspects and achievements of the three projects.

Coordinate with the communication teams of each project to ensure a cohesive and unified message.

Development of a Common Flyer:

Work on developing a common flyer that provides a brief overview of the cluster projects. Include key information, such as project goals, achievements, and contact details.

Design the flyer to be visually appealing and consistent with the branding of all three projects.

Planning Future Activities:

Schedule regular follow-up meetings to discuss progress, share insights, and plan future collaboration and dissemination activities.

Explore additional opportunities for joint initiatives, such as webinars, publications, or collaborative research projects.

Promotion and Engagement:

Develop a strategy to promote the projects collectively, leveraging the common dissemination materials.

Engage with relevant stakeholders, potential collaborators, and the target audience through various online and offline channels.

Feedback Mechanism:

Establish a feedback mechanism to gather insights from the dissemination partners and technical partners. This can help refine future strategies and improve collaboration.

By implementing these steps, the cluster partners can enhance collaborative efforts, increase visibility, and effectively communicate the value of InterSTORE, FLEXCHESS, and PARMENIDES to a wider audience.