interSTORE project

InterSTORE is an EU-funded project that aims to deploy and demonstrate a set of interoperable Open-Source tools to integrate Distributed Energy Storage (DES) and Distributed Energy Resources (DER), to enable the hybridization, utilisation and monetisation of storage flexibility, within a real-life environment.

InterSTORE plans to address the complexity of various characteristics of storage solutions and technologies by developing an innovative middleware that, while virtualising the storage technology, will simplify its use from the point of view of integration platform thanks to a technology agnostic approach.

The middleware will facilitate the integration of storage creating hardware independent solution, which are critical from a customer perspective, avoiding vendor locked-in solutions. It will also facilitate its use from a monetisation perspective making sure that more investments in storage are enabled.


The goals of the InterSTORE

Provide 4 software open-source tools for assuring interoperability, flexibility and data standardization

Consider each relevant aspect of flexible use of HESS in different main application areas (EV, Industrial, Residential, Commercial)

Demonstrate 7 high impact use cases in 4 real life living labs

Use beyond the state-of-the-art methods to enable hybridization, utilisation and monetisation of storage flexibility, while also ensuring data space standardization


The design of such middleware will be based on the following steps


Identification of a first set of use cases to collect a first set of requirements. A preliminary analysis of the possible use cases and application is also reported in the following


Starting from the result of the previous analysis identification of an appropriate protocol. Here InterSTORE will not start from scratch but plans to start from an extend them so to fit in already available standard to support as much as possible interoperability with other solutions


Identification of an appropriate implementation solution. Moreover, the project does not plan to develop a new solution but to adopt available state of the art. A first proposal in this direction has been already identified as reported also in a following section of this document


Integration of the middleware in a data-space vision to make InterSTORE aligned with the current direction of evolution within the European Commission


Validation of the proposed solution within a set of laboratory and real-life demos, able to cover at least the set of use cases already identified at this stage INTERCONNECT, particularly at the level of data modeling. To maximize the impact, InterSTORE will map its requirements to this set of available solutions creating a middleware that starting from enriching data modeling for hybrid storage is flexible enough to interface a variety of data protocol as envisioned with the FledgePower approach.


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