News 22 January 2024

InterSTORE at Enlit Europe Conference

In November 2023 our partners Antonello Monti from RWTH Aachen University, Peter Nemcek from CyberGrid and Ferdinando Bosco from Engineering presented the InterSTORE project at Int:net booth in the EU Projects Zone Hub at Enlit Europe Conference. The participants had a chance to discuss innovative solutions in the context of the energy transition, from decarbonising energy systems to digitalising infrastructures, and the upcoming challenges and opportunities.

The coordinator of the project, Antonello Monti chaired the Int:net session, which included an Int:net project results and a panel discussion among similar focuses. The discussion dived into a heated discussion about Technical Operability defining the road map for interoperability, Use Cases and exploring possible synergies.

The Enlit Europe conference is focused on the energy transition, aiming to connect industries, inspire action, and facilitate the evolution towards a decarbonised and digitalised energy system in Europe. The conference emphasises the importance of collaboration across borders and sectors to deliver clean, affordable, and reliable energy for all.

The key themes highlighted include:

Connecting Industries: The conference aims to bring together professionals and stakeholders from various industries involved in the energy sector, fostering collaboration and networking opportunities.

Inspiring Action: Enlit seeks to inspire individuals and organisations to take meaningful actions to support of the energy transition. This may include adopting sustainable practices, investing in renewable energy solutions, or implementing innovative technologies.

Evolving Towards a Decarbonised and Digitalised Energy System: The overarching goal is to contribute to the evolution of the energy sector by promoting decarbonisation and digitalisation. This likely involves discussions on renewable energy, smart grid technologies, and other advancements that can contribute to a more sustainable energy future.

The conference takes place annually, and the 2024 edition is scheduled to be held in Milan, with a focus on in-person interactions. It provides a platform for industry leaders, experts, and enthusiasts to share knowledge, discuss challenges and opportunities, and work towards the common goal of a cleaner and more efficient energy system.