Hybrid E-mobility Management Platform

InterSTORE will contribute to advance the current DES & DER offered by ENELX leveraging from the easy adaptation to standardised protocol to increase the number of supported hybrid DERs (e.g. PVs, load, BESS, and EVs.)

InterSTORE will allow that ENX system will be capable to optimize the use of distributed hybrid energy resources and to apply commands on the assets by the means of an optimal control plan, which takes into account consumption forecast of the site, weather condition, integrate and acquire telemetry from distributed energy resources, compute aggregated site performance.

InterSTORE thanks to the integration of the open-source interoperable data space framework will also support the adoption of interoperable Gaia-X standard integration and will contribute to create public APIs for data InterSTORE: Interoperable open-source tools to enable hybridisation, utilisation, and monetisation of storage flexibility 13 spaces to grant interoperability with different type of industrial and residential DERs (e.g. PVs, load, BESS, EVs.) ENX Hybrid E-mobility Management Platform will be able to satisfy hybrid systems that will allow a better optimization for the interoperability as well as better grid flexibility solutions.