Open-Source Interoperability Software Toolkit

The state-of-the-art review clearly shows the sheer magnitude of fragmentation that there is in the DER and EMS industries. InterSTORE’s goal in developing interoperability and seamless data sharing is very ambitious and lies at the technical and methodological level.

The technical advances are:

  • (a) protocol based on the IEEE 2030.5 standard or similar, supported by the latest trends and practical experiences from USA and Australia and aligned with EU InterConnect H2020 project;
  • (b) use of connective technology that powers modern distributed systems (e.g., NATS) allowing for effortless M:N connectivity, wide deployment, real-time data exchange and strong security;
  • (c) implementation of connected data InterSTORE: Interoperable open-source tools to enable hybridisation, utilisation, and monetisation of storage flexibility 9 spaces to increase user awareness and acceptance of hybrid solutions for the proposed use cases by valorizing data.

The methodological innovations stem from the project’s ambition not to create “yet another proprietary communication protocol that might soon be obsolete or even won’t survive beyond InterSTORE project.

We are therefore combining the best practices about interoperability ecosystem creation and management, namely:

  • (a) use cases and architectural requirements will be exchanged and discussed in continuous interaction with all relevant stakeholders in the pilots, in particular DES, DER, EMS and other industry initiatives;
  • b) ensure that the InterSTORE Interoperability Software Toolkit is open-source, including cost efficient testing procedures, knowledge sharing library and wide community of adopters and supporters;
  • c) building a strong open-source community during the project to enable its self-sustainability, thus ensure the continuous development and deployment of the toolkit also after project completion.