UC2 – Energy community DES utilisation


Enhance community self-sufficiency mode.

Partners involved
Pilots for demonstration
Interoperability tools
Client/Server, Protocol Converter
New EMS HESS systems:
Flexibility Management Platform (CyberGrid)


The participation of citizens and communities as partners in energy projects are transforming the energy system. Community energy initiatives are offering new opportunities for citizens to get actively involved in energy matters.

Energy communities could generate flows of real time data from electricity meters placed at renewable electricity sources (e.g., solar, wind, CHP), consumption sites (households, schools, commercial buildings, farms, etc.), battery energy storage systems, electric vehicle charging stations, heat pumps, etc. Most of these could provide some electric flexibility which can be utilized either locally, within the community or at different electricity markets.

The novel Energy Community data management functionalities will be based on the CyberGrid’s Flexibility Management Platform called CyberGrid. It will receive real time DES assets’ data via novel interoperable software tools, implement the latest regulatory and business/community rules (energy accounting, static and dynamic distribution key specification and utilisation, reporting etc.), calculate baselines and forecasts, aggregate energy assets data using advanced algorithms, optimize pooling of available flexibility resources for various events (self-sufficient community, grid balancing, wholesale, etc.), de-aggregate, and dispatch them in a timely manner.

Other use cases