UC3 – Grid supporting BESS


Include autonomous grid-supportive functions into interoperable software tools.

Partners involved
Jülich (FZJ), RWTH Aachen University, EATON
Pilots for demonstration
Interoperability tools
Client/Server, Protocol Converter
New EMS HESS systems:
FIWARE based Energy Campus Management


In Europe the role of DER has changed from a marginal technology to a visible player in the electricity market.

Numerous countries have been updating national grid codes and require DER to provide: Frequency control capabilities (P control during frequency variations), Steady state and dynamic voltage support (Q(U), cos phi(P) control etc.), Fault-Ride-Through capabilities, and On-demand response via remote control and communication.

European Network Code RfG introduced coordinated requirements needed for safe and reliable grid integration of high shares of DER with the focus on system (frequency) stability in the European-wide system. It is applicable for new generator connections since April 2019. However, some items are still regulated on the national/utility level by local laws, standards, codes etc. – like distribution system specific requirements (e.g., voltage control, interface protection, islanding, safety, compliance testing, etc.) and implementation of communication and control.

Other use cases