UC5 – Hybrid storage for higher performance and flexibility provision


Test the IEEE 2030.5 would be in the 2nd life battery inverter and the bms/computer of the 4th building.

Partners involved
Pilots for demonstration
Interoperability tools
Interoperable Open-Source tools, Protocol Converter, aggregation, close to real time monitoring of assets.
New EMS HESS systems:
EMS from HESS for hybridization, coupled with InescTec EMS tools


The objective of the Use Case is to have a continuous estimation of the storage potential of a set of vehicles and instruct on the location where its potential flexibility could be made available.

The real-time data sharing and operation is collected via interoperable tools addressed in the project.

Monitoring the data of the frequent EV users of the charging facility and their location, the permanent available storage potential can be estimated as one, for example to be used in floating flexibility, which could be directed (instructing the desired location to provide the flexibility) and available (through incentive up/down) using the synchronized V2G infrastructure.

The use case can make use of the itinerant nature of EVs and use it to target the location of flexibility provision within an influence area, instead of relying on static, location-based available assets. This will be possible since the charger on the site are under different secondary substations. The use case is useful for Aggregators, charging point operators (CPO), DSOs.

Other use cases