UC4 – Innovative Frequency services


Define requirements for innovative services related to virtual inertia and virtual damping.

Partners involved
RWTH Aachen University, HESS
Pilots for demonstration
Simulation workbench and laboratory testbed
Interoperability tools
Client/Server, Protocol Converter, Testing system
New EMS HESS systems:


The evolution towards a low inertia grid is creating the need to define new strategies for power electronics connected devices to substitute actions typically realized by traditional power plants.

In the field of fast dynamic frequency transient support in terms of virtual inertia and virtual dumping is supposed to be an emerging need in the close future.

Such a service would require the adaptation of internal control parameters of the storage system so to provide the appropriate behavior. As result it may actually be necessary to foreseen that the inverter would have the capability from the so-called grid-following mode to the grid-forming mode. Different level of involvement and then different implementation can be considered.

From the point of view of this project is critical to define the data exchange necessary to activate this kind of service. This service can be seen in combination with the more classical grid support services to create a more significant business case particular during the transition when inertia may be only seldom required.

Other use cases